Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I give up on counting the days...

Up to date again! Well, today I worked more on my powerpoint (having to reword and cut down a bit because I realized it was far too in depth and too long). I also started setting up WISE comparisons for the nebulae images that I downloaded. But for the majority of the day I helped Bethany out with her group of VERY young camp children. They got to be quite loud, hyper, and easily distracted, but ultimately they were relatively pleasant and well behaved. Some of the stuff Bethany showed them I myself had actually never seen before and thought was pretty cool. We took apart their film one-use cameras, part of the process being to discharge the capacitor. I (of course), not realizing anything significant would happen when I did so, was the first to touch the metal screwdriver to the capacitor outlet (I can't remember what they're called...). This resulted in a VERY loud shock and quite a few sparks. Most certainly more fun to watch when other people did it than when it gave me a heart attack. Overall a pretty successful day I say!

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