Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Twenty Four

(or what should've been day twentyfour.)

Though I was out of town this day I was asked to post my answer to challenge number three: Electronically prove your hybridized identity.
Here it is!
Once upon a time...
Just kidding.
Well I'll admit, we certainly started off completely clueless. For the longest time I honestly didn't even know what the goal was. This lead to completely random searches and evidently interesting videos, like such: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZElqfHyjMw. Fascinating as this was, we were prettyyyy sure that was not the solution. Deciding to take the fact that we needed info from the last challenge in mind, we thought maybe we would use third eye for another watermark. With this in mind, we went to the CIS website. Having already figured out that sailvu topcreepin was clearly visual perception, we searched such in the link. The internet hated that, and nothing appeared for whatever reason. So instead, we tried just perception. Lo and behold! We found the page: http://www.cis.rit.edu/nomoregreek! This was clearly the end of the challenge, once we made the image that is. When we went to make sure photoshop was an okay program to use, however, we were informed that we had beat the system! Alas, this in itself was not impressive enough, so we proceeded to attempt to figure out how we were SUPPOSED to get there. Ice mark, the blatant hint, lead us to another watermark program! (this was after the discovery of a random physicsist mountain climber author of course). Oddly enough, finding the image was the hardest park. We had attempted to use the hybrid Bethany-Bob, but it didn't work. With the gracious help of Bethany, however, we realized this was because we weren't creative enough with the settings on the left. Seeing that a key may be necessary, and knowing that we were probably looking for the URL to the page we accidentaly found, I switched the setting to text and tried a few different passwords, butterface and icycle included. Then I realized we had yet to (properly) use the visual perception hint. Excitment making hearts race and adrenaline pumping, my fingers flew over keys to pound in the 17 characters, everyone staring at the screen in anticipation....VIOLA! The key appeared! We had beat the system AND followed the rules to complete the challenge!
It was then cake to use photoshop to make the image, a high pass filter was applied to Maddie's face and a gaussian blur to mine. The high pass filter was also set as an overlay, and then merged on top of the gaussian image, creating the beauty that I have attatched for you.
And that is the thrilling and exciting tale of how we completed the challenge.
Also Sadie helped a lot.
The end!

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