Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Twentyfive!

(or {again} what should've been)

(...or maybe not, I'm pretty sure last friday should've been day twentyfive....... my title numbers are messed up, oh well)

So! Monday the 13th I finished downloading all the images (Yaaaaay)! I also got a good chunk of my powerpoint for our final presentation on the 24th done. THAT, is scary thing. What's more, the star that we thought contained a central star infrared excess (which would be cool since it is understudied and not well understood), did not show up in further (longer) wavelengths, meaning it far more likely there's just a bunch of hot dust around the star that happens to display IR excess. But once I start looking through this next batch of stars it's very possible I'll find another! I must admit, I still can't get over how cool it is to be the one looking at these images instead of simply getting pictures whenever my grandpa sends me an email about something NASA published. Good stuff!

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